Aqua Shot Golf
Setup Instructions.

Real Feel. Real Fun.

1. Inflate 2. Anchor 3. Attach

Begin by removing all components from the AquaShot carrying bag. Use caution when removing the targets as they are spring-loaded and will expand to their in-play size. Lay all of the components on a clean, flat surface.

AquaShot Full Kit

AquaShot Comes With The Following Components:

  • 3 Targets
  • 3 Foam Center Floats
  • 3 Flag Poles
  • 3 Anchor Bags
  • 30’ of Elastic Tethering Cord
  • 6 Spring Cord Locks
  • 1 Mesh Ball Bag

Step 1: Inflate the Three Targets

  • Locate and remove the valve stem from within the fabric surrounding the inflatable Target.
  • Remove the valve plug, pinch or bite the valve stem while blowing air into the tube.
  • Once inflated, plug the valve and push the stem back into the tube, creating a flush surface.

Step 2: Anchor the Targets

AquaShot recommends using sand or soft-edged pebbles in resealable plastic bags (not included) to weight your Anchor Bags. DO NOT USE any sharp or rough-edged ballast material as this will cause wear and tear to the Anchor Bags and can damage your pool liner.

  • Place ballast material in (3) resealable plastic bags.
  • Remove any trapped air, seal plastic bag and place inside your Anchor Bags.
  • Cinch Anchor Bag closed with spring cord lock and set aside.
  • Cut the elastic tethering cord to three equal lengths. If the depth of your pool varies throughout, cut according to the depths of your pool.
  • Place Targets on a clean, flat surface with the (4) fabric loops facing up, hook and loop center facing down.
  • Open one spring cord lock by pressing down on the spring and place it 4-5ft onto a cut section of elastic tethering cord. Take the end of the tethering cord and thread through one of the (4) fabric loops and then again through the direct opposite fabric loop. Bring the end of the tethering cord to the center of the target and insert it into the same cord lock. You should have two pieces of cord coming out of the cord lock, one with several feet and one with a few inches.
  • Thread the end of the longer remaining tethering cord through the strings of an Anchor bag and secure using another spring cord lock.
  • Repeat the above steps for each Target and Anchor Bag.

Step 2B- Tethering Targets to Other Objects.

To tether the Targets to each other or stationary objects nearby, simply cut the elastic tethering cord to desired lengths, thread through one of the (4) fabric loops on the Target, back through the cord lock and secure as you’d like. If you’d prefer a more dynamic gaming environment, tether each Target to several stationary objects nearby so they can float and move independently.

Step 3: Attach the Center Floats & Flags

Once all elastic tethering cords and weighted Anchor Bags are secured, flip each Target over to attach its Foam Center Float. Insert a Flag Pole into each Foam Center Float and your AquaShot is ready for its maiden voyage!

Once the targets are in the pool, the elastic tethering cords can be adjusted to the correct height to keep the targets in the desired locations.

AquaShot Setup
AquaShot Setup
AquaShot Setup
AquaShot Setup
AquaShot Setup
AquaShot Setup

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