Train, Compete, and Improve your golf short game!

Real Feel. Real Fun. Real Results.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite golfer, mastering the touch and consistent skills to get up-and-down is critical to shooting lower scores.

AquaShot is the all-in-one training aid and competitive game that is introducing golfers of all skill levels to an exciting fun way to improve their short game – one splash at a time.

  • Real Feel

    AquaShot’s real golf balls deliver the true feel you need to improve your short game – a Real Feel that foam, wiffle or velcro-wrapped balls just can’t match. And AquaShot balls float, so retrieval is easy!

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  • Real Fun

    With endless games to play, AquaShot is the perfect way to spice up family game nights and pool parties with friends. Make quality memories while taking strokes off your game? It’s a win-win!

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  • Real Results

    As you consistently focus on visualizing your shots, you’ll discover a new meaning to getting the ball up and down. Take your skills to the course and show your foursome how it’s done!

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Customer Review

“A longtime friend gifted me the Aquashot. What a surprise! Had a
group of people over on Easter and all enjoyed chipping into the pool.
The game is an easy setup but with no real golfers in our group it was a
real challenge at first. Once we got the hang of it there were laughs
and challenges all around. Retrieving the missed balls was a good reason
to dive in and cool off as here in the Phoenix area is was a quite warm
holiday. All items included in the game seem to be of a high quality
which indicates many fun days ahead. Highly recommend!”

AquaShot five-stars review

The Proof That AquaShot Works?

Your Scorecard.

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work or keeping the game going after a round, AquaShot is the best way to reduce stress, perfect your touch, and turn bogeys into pars, and pars into birdies.

Turn your poolside or lakeside venue into your personal practice facility and fun zone.

how many greens do you hit in regulation? graph

AquaShot Technology

A Patented “Ball Catch”

Engineered to kill the spin, and hold accurate shots within the target.

With an inflatable outer-rim, special mesh interior, and a floating center-pin; our targets terminate ball spin and catch them where they land, keeping them floating in place until you’re ready to grab your pool net and fill up your next bucket!

AquaShot Golf Ball

Our Balls Are The Best.

Why practice with foam, velcro, or wiffle balls when you can play with the real thing? Get the authentic experience of Real Feel AquaShot balls that will have you feeling like the real deal.

  • Golfers of all Skill Levels

    Whether you’re a skilled professional, just picking up the game, or somewhere in between, practicing with AquaShot is effective and fun. And when played with friends, you just might find yourself betting on a good time!

  • Collegiate & Prep Coaches

    Looking for a way to keep your team’s short game skills fresh during the off-season? Introduce creative AquaShot drills in the pool. Your players (and their scorecards) will thank you!

  • Event Planners

    Planning a social event at your golf club, park district, or senior living facilities? Create team events and add extra excitement to your next event with multiple sets of AquaShot. It’s like corn-hole for golf lovers – “Swing Lube” is highly recommended for added fun!

  • AquaShot Anchor Bags

    Aqua Shot Anchor Bags

    Protecting the pool interior.

  • A Target Rich Environment

    A Target Rich Environment

    Endless Gaming Setups.

  • AquaShot Golf Balls Basket

    Never Enough Balls

    Extra balls are always available.