AquaShot Golf Gaming Guide

Gaming Ideas to Train, Compete, and Improve Your Short Game!

AquaShot games are an awesome way to have competitive fun while creating memories. It’s the perfect way to spice up family events, pool parties, or quality time with friends.

There are a variety of AquaShot games that can be played with 1-4 (or more) players, and can be played with 1, 2, or 3 targets. Pick from one of the games below, or invent your own!

Aqua Buckets


1-5 Players | 3 Targets | Fun for All

Start by placing 3 AquaShot targets in a single row – a front, middle, and back target. Begin the game by aiming for the front target. Each player is allowed 3 balls per turn and must make 3 shots in the front target before they can move on to the middle and back targets. Players are allowed to aggregate successful shots across turns. The first player to successfully hit 3 balls into all targets, forward and back, wins the game. Ready to take it up a notch? Require players to score all 3 shots in a row before moving onto the next target.

Battle Shot


2-3 Players | 2-3 Targets | Fun for All

Inspired by the classic head-to-head board game, this tilt is all about sinking your opponent’s target. Start by placing 2-3 AquaShot targets equidistant from the hitting mat. Each player picks their own target. Each player then gets 3 balls per turn and attempts to land a ball in their opponents’ target(s). Once a target receives 5 hits, it has been “sunk”. The last player standing wins the game!

Around The World


1-4 Players | 1 or more Targets | Fun for All

We considered calling this “Ducks on the Pond,” but you can call it what you want. The key to this game is understanding the fluid nature of the targets and the free-wheeling fun it brings to shot making. Start by placing as few as 1, or as many targets as you wish, into the pool without any anchors or tethering cords attached. Be sure to have the filter and skimmer on to insure a dynamic flow to the game. If played solo, try to make as many shots as possible as the target(s) circulate around the pool – from close-range, to mid-, to far-, and back again. If playing with others, each player gets a turn to hit an unlimited amount of balls while the targets make a complete cycle around the pool, or for a designated time period. The player who hits the most balls in the target(s) during the cycle or time period wins!



2-4 Players | 3 Targets | Fun for All & Gamblers

The number 21 is synonymous with cards and gambling. AquaShot offers the same excitement without having to shuffle the deck! Start by placing 3 targets at progressive distances from the hitting mat. The front target is worth 1 point, the middle target is worth 3 points, and the back target is worth 5 points. Each player gets 5 balls per turn and can shoot at any target they choose, but they MUST call it first. If the wrong target is hit, that target value is subtracted from the player’s score. The first player to make it to 21, without going over, is the winner. If a shot goes into the wrong target and causes a player’s score to go over 21, their score is reduced to 11, and the game continues.

Make It Take It


2-4 Players | 3 or more Targets | Fun for All

This game is as much fun in the pool as it is on the basketball court. Get on a hot streak and leave your opponent(s) out in the cold. Start by placing 2 or more targets at random distances around the pool. Each player starts with as many balls as there are targets in the water. The first player picks the starting target, announces it to their opponent(s), and hits the first shot. If successful, the same player picks the next target. If successful again, the player continues until a target is missed. If a target is missed, the next player follows suit and continues until they miss. The first player to hit all of the targets wins!


E.A.G.L.E. :

2 Players | 3 or more Targets | Fun for All

Another basketball classic that translates well to the pool – but we changed the name from a 4-legged barn animal to the elusive symbol of greatness! Start by placing 3 or more targets in random locations around the pool. Each player has 3 balls per turn. The first player begins by calling their target. If a successful shot is made, their opponent has 3 balls to duplicate the shot. If the opponent is successful in duplicating the shot, they become the leader and next shot-caller. If the opponent fails to duplicate the shot within their 3 attempts, they gain a letter, starting with “E”, and do not get to call the next shot. The first player to spell E.A.G.L.E. is the loser. Get creative with the called shots – hitting the outer rim, hitting the center float or flag, skipping the ball into the target, flop-shot, low-shot, or simply allow any “slop” to count.



2-4 Players | 3 Targets | Fun for All & Gamblers

Adapted from the long-standing on-course game that has players talking smack and spending cash, this is a fast-play version that will have friends competing into the wee hours just to even the score, or lessen their losses! Start by placing 3 targets in random locations around the pool. All players then agree on which targets are the BINGO, BANGO, and BONGO targets. NOTE: Bingo doesn’t have to be the easiest, nor BONGO the hardest – get creative! Each player has 1 ball per turn. The first player begins by aiming for the BINGO target. Once successful, they try for the BANGO target during their next turn, and so on. The first player to hit all 3 targets wins!

AquaShot Pro


1 Player | 3 Targets | Backyard Birdie Maker

Similar to “ladder-up/ladder-down” in putting practice, this game will build touch and confidence around the green. Start by placing 3 AquaShot targets in a single row at front, middle, and back distances. The goal is to hit 5 consecutive shots in each target without a miss. 15 shots without a miss makes you an AquaShot Pro. Test your skills further by converting this to a 5-target game – front, middle, back, middle, front. If you can master this game in the comforts of your own space, prepare to tell your friends “hold my beer” the next time they doubt you on the course.

AquaShot Gaming Guide

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